AWS Glue

2024/06/28 - AWS Glue - 1 updated api methods

Changes  Added AttributesToGet parameter to Glue GetDatabases, allowing caller to limit output to include only the database name.

GetDatabases (updated) Link ¶
Changes (request)
{'AttributesToGet': ['NAME']}

Retrieves all databases defined in a given Data Catalog.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

type CatalogId


param CatalogId

The ID of the Data Catalog from which to retrieve Databases . If none is provided, the Amazon Web Services account ID is used by default.

type NextToken


param NextToken

A continuation token, if this is a continuation call.

type MaxResults


param MaxResults

The maximum number of databases to return in one response.

type ResourceShareType


param ResourceShareType

Allows you to specify that you want to list the databases shared with your account. The allowable values are FEDERATED , FOREIGN or ALL .

  • If set to FEDERATED , will list the federated databases (referencing an external entity) shared with your account.

  • If set to FOREIGN , will list the databases shared with your account.

  • If set to ALL , will list the databases shared with your account, as well as the databases in yor local account.

type AttributesToGet


param AttributesToGet

Specifies the database fields returned by the GetDatabases call. This parameter doesn’t accept an empty list. The request must include the NAME .

  • (string) --




Response Syntax

    'DatabaseList': [
            'Name': 'string',
            'Description': 'string',
            'LocationUri': 'string',
            'Parameters': {
                'string': 'string'
            'CreateTime': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
            'CreateTableDefaultPermissions': [
                    'Principal': {
                        'DataLakePrincipalIdentifier': 'string'
                    'Permissions': [
            'TargetDatabase': {
                'CatalogId': 'string',
                'DatabaseName': 'string',
                'Region': 'string'
            'CatalogId': 'string',
            'FederatedDatabase': {
                'Identifier': 'string',
                'ConnectionName': 'string'
    'NextToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • DatabaseList (list) --

      A list of Database objects from the specified catalog.

      • (dict) --

        The Database object represents a logical grouping of tables that might reside in a Hive metastore or an RDBMS.

        • Name (string) --

          The name of the database. For Hive compatibility, this is folded to lowercase when it is stored.

        • Description (string) --

          A description of the database.

        • LocationUri (string) --

          The location of the database (for example, an HDFS path).

        • Parameters (dict) --

          These key-value pairs define parameters and properties of the database.

          • (string) --

            • (string) --

        • CreateTime (datetime) --

          The time at which the metadata database was created in the catalog.

        • CreateTableDefaultPermissions (list) --

          Creates a set of default permissions on the table for principals. Used by Lake Formation. Not used in the normal course of Glue operations.

          • (dict) --

            Permissions granted to a principal.

            • Principal (dict) --

              The principal who is granted permissions.

              • DataLakePrincipalIdentifier (string) --

                An identifier for the Lake Formation principal.

            • Permissions (list) --

              The permissions that are granted to the principal.

              • (string) --

        • TargetDatabase (dict) --

          A DatabaseIdentifier structure that describes a target database for resource linking.

          • CatalogId (string) --

            The ID of the Data Catalog in which the database resides.

          • DatabaseName (string) --

            The name of the catalog database.

          • Region (string) --

            Region of the target database.

        • CatalogId (string) --

          The ID of the Data Catalog in which the database resides.

        • FederatedDatabase (dict) --

          A FederatedDatabase structure that references an entity outside the Glue Data Catalog.

          • Identifier (string) --

            A unique identifier for the federated database.

          • ConnectionName (string) --

            The name of the connection to the external metastore.

    • NextToken (string) --

      A continuation token for paginating the returned list of tokens, returned if the current segment of the list is not the last.